With its magnificent tea mountains, verdant valleys and fish-filled rivers, Bangladesh is a truly beautiful country. We are bordered by India to the west, north and east, with our coast line on the Bay of Bengal to the south and a small border with Burma on the south east tip. Bangladesh covers 144, 000 square kilometres, has a population of 130 million and its capital city is Dhaka.

Our people are peace-loving and famed for their hospitality and generosity of spirit, something that we feel that we have brought to our beloved restaurant. We have been an independent country since 1971 and our inhabitants have a huge sense of national pride and a desire to share our culture with others.

Although prone to flooding, our river delta is a huge part of both our economy and our culture, providing a seemingly unending source of fresh water fish and the base for many celebrations and festivities.

We would like to think that we have created a tiny part of Bangladesh here in Upton and take great delight in sharing it with our friends here in the UK.