Only the best ingredients make it into our dishes. We take great care in selecting fresh produce, locally where possible. We never use powders, artificial colourings or preservatives in our food and we feel that this is reflected in the quality of food that we produce for our guests.

Our open kitchen is very much the focal point of the restaurant, with sizzling pans, hotplates and our tandoori oven creating a heady atmosphere as chefs, Akhtar and Juned, work their magic. Of course, the ingredients that make our food utterly authentic are sourced from our native Bangladesh. These originate from the tea growing mountains, the green valleys of herbs and spices and the rich river delta of the Bay of Bengal, breeding ground of wild river fish and of course, the famed Bengali Tiger Prawn.

The herbs and spices that we use in our cooking serve not just to tempt the appetite!

They have been used for generations for their healing and life enhancing properties. Here are a few of our favourites and their ancient applications:

Cardamom and Fenugreek
Known for their aphrodisiac properties, these aromatic spices might just spice up a little more than your meal.  Our cosy front room has seen many a proposal and the announcement of the happy news of an impending new addition to a family which makes us think it has to work!

Black Pepper
Black pepper is a wonderful tonic and will stimulate a flagging appetite.  Beneficial for sore throats and chest infections and, when combined with coriander can help relieve high fevers. Used with other spices, black pepper can aid digestion it's also considered the go-to spice for new mothers!

This clever spice stimulates the production of gastric juices, speeds up your metabolism and can even help relieve flatulence.

Chilli Pepper
Without a doubt the most popular spice in the world, is a most addictive and intriguing spice. Chillies are excellent for indigestion and many consider them a help in fighting the common cold and aiding weight loss.

Cumin Seed
Like its close mate fennel, Cumin seed is an aromatic seed found in many of our dishes. It is said that it can benefit nursing mothers.

This bulbous pungent-tasting root is as infamous as it is loved. Garlic is used for flavouring purposes but has long been used as a natural aid in dispersing blood fats and promoting a strong & healthy immune system.