Take Away Menu

Papadums plain or spiced  £0.50

Chutneys & Pickles – per portion  £0.50
Sweet mango Chutney, mixed Pickles, Tamarind sauce , Onion & Tomato Salad or Mint Sauce.

Pundits selection to share  £6.95
A selection of our best loved starters, which can be adapted for Vegetarians. ( serves 2 persons).

(V) Piazi – Onion Bhajee (3)  £2.95

(V) Garlic Mushrooms   £2.95
Sliced mushrooms, gently cooked with garlic and herbs.

(V) Vegetable Somosa (2)  £2.95

(V) Chot Poti  £2.95
Chick Peas, with Medium Spices in a Tamarind Sauce.

(V) Aloo Chops (3)  £2.95
Spicy potatoes mashed and coated with egg and breadcrumbs to a golden.

(V) Stuffed Peppers with Spiced Vegetables  £3.95

(V) Fresh Green Salad with Olive & Tamarind  £2.50

Bangladeshi Tiger Prawns on Puree  £4.95
Famous larger Tiger Prawns delicately cooked in a Medium or Spicy Sauce, served on deep-fried, puffed Poori Bread.

Shrimps on Puree  £3.95
Shrimps delicately cooked in a Medium or Spicy Sauce, served on deep-fried, puffed Poori Bread.

King Prawn Stir-fry  £4.25

Chilli Infused Grilled Salmon (Hot)  £4.95

Tamarind Chicken  £3.50
Cubed Breast of Chicken, cooked in a tasty Tamarind Sauce.

Stuffed Peppers (Chicken or Minced Lamb)  £3.95

Somosa (2)  £2.95
Triangular Pastry filled with Spiced, Minced Lamb.


Sheek Kebab – spiced minced lamb  £3.45 (side) / £6.95 (main)

Tandoori Chicken – leg or breast  £3.45 (side) / £6.95 (main)

Chicken Tikka  £3.45 (side) / £6.95 (main)

Lamb Tikka  £3.95 (side) / £7.95 (main)

Bangladeshi Tiger Prawns  £5.95 (side) / £10.95 (main)

Pundits Platter  £4.95 (side) / £11.95 (main)
Starter Platter includes pieces of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Sheek Kebab. Main course Platter will include Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and a choice of Nan Bread.

Shashlick Kebabs  £4.25 (side) / £7.95 (main)
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka marinated with Pundit’s Sauce and Grilled with Cubed Green Peppers, Onions & Tomatoes, served with Tasty.

Lamb Chop  £5.95 (side) / £10.95 (main)

Mustard, Coriander Telapia  £10.95
Marinated Salmon Steak, pan fried, served with Potato and Sweet Corn, cooked in Mustard and Coriander. Accompanied with Steamed Rice.

Mango Chicken  £9.95
Marinated Chicken Breast Grilled and stuffed with a Soft, Warm, Sweet, Mango Coolie. Served with Pilau Rice & Tamarind Tomato Salad.

Orange Duck Jalfrezi  £10.45
Confit of Duck cooked Jalfrezi style with an Orange Twist, served with Pilau Rice.

Chicken Special Bhoona (on the bone)  £9.95
Served with Pilau Rice.

Nasi Goreng  £10.95
Egg Fried Rice with Chicken & King Prawns, with Soy Sauce & Fresh Green Chilli, served with Spiced Potato and Kidney Beans.

Pundits Platter Tamarind  £13.95
Tandoori King Prawns, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka & Lamb Tikka stir-fried with Green Peppers & Onions in a Garlic & Tamarind Chilli Sauce, served with a Fresh Olive Salad & Pilau Rice.

Pundit Fusion Fish Supreme  £14.45
Medium spiced Tiger Prawns, King Prawns & Scallops, with Sweet Peppers & Roast Garlic, served with Vegetable Bhuna & Steamed Rice.

Orange Chicken Jalfrezi  £9.95
Spiced Chicken Breast fillet, topped with an Orange infused Jalfrezi Sauce, served with Pilau Rice.

Lamb Methi  £10.45

Tamarind Chicken  £3.50
Cubed Breast of Chicken, cooked in a tasty Tamarind Sauce.

Chilli Mango Telapia  £10.95
Pan-fried Sea Bass layered in a Spicy, Chilli & Mango Sauce, served with Boiled Rice and Fresh Salad.

Madurina Chicken (mild)  £9.95
Cooked with Mango, in a Khurma sauce and served with Pilau Rice.

Tawa – Medium * 
Cooked with chopped peppers, half tomatoes & our own garam massallah in olive oil.

Marchi Rashun (garlic chilli) – hot *
For this dish whole cloves of garlic and Slit green chillies are mixed with a few selected spices making this a must for hot curry lovers.

Shathkora – medium *
Shathkora is a rare citrus fruit which grows in a small area of Bangladesh. It’s got a very distinctive aroma and gives a tasty piquancy to this medium dish.

Makhni – (cheese) – mild *
An ancient recipe using cheese, tomato and mild spices.

Podina Roshun – Mint & Garlic – medium *
This particular dish is cooked with mint sauce.
Whole roast garlic cloves, roasted tomatoes & coriander makes this dish a must for all sour taste lovers.

Tripuras Keema Massalla – medium & spicy *
A recipe favoured by the emperors of the Tripura Kingdom using the finest minced lamb and chillies to form a fine rice sauce.

Shorisha (mustard) – medium *
Medium spiced dish cooked with tomato halves and french mustard. A different curry that requires an acquired taste.

Talk Jal Mishty- hot, sweet & sour *
A mixture of chillies, honey, sliced tomatoes and tamarind are simmered to produce a delicious sauce for this tasty dish.

* The above dishes are available in these variations below: 

Shrimps / Chicken  £7.95
Lamb  £8.25
Bangladeshi Tiger Prawns  £11.45
King Prawns  £8.95
Duck  £8.95
Mixed Vegetables  £6.95
Pundits Mix – Chicken Tikka, Lamb & Tiger Prawns  £12.45
Sea Food Mix – Scallops, Tiger Prawns, King Prawns & Shrimp  £12.95

Akhinee – (birany) – mild/medium * 
A truly majestic dish, a mix of long grain Pilou Rice with your choice of Meat, Seafood or Vegetables, stir-fried with selected light spices and garnished with sliced tomatoes & cucumbers. Served with a side dish of Mixed Vegetable Bhuna. A ‘Birany’ style of dish.

* The above dish is available in these variations below: 

Shrimps  £8.25
Chicken Tikka or Lamb  £8.45
Bangladeshi Tiger Prawns  £11.45
Mixed Vegetables  £7.45
Pundits Akhinee Special  £11.45
A combination of Chicken, Lamb and Shrimps Stir-Fried with Pilau Rice with Tiger Prawn & Mix Vegetable Bhuna as side dish.

Add any vegetables to your main dishes for 50p per vegetable.

Tikka Mossalla – mild * 
A truly well loved dish and probably the most popular in UK. Made from Simmered Tomatoes, Fresh Cream, Mild Spices & Ground Almond.

Kashmir – mild *
Cooked with Mild Spices, Fresh Cream & Banana.

Khurma – mild *
A subtle blend of Coconut, Cardamon Powder, Mild Spices and Fresh Cream, a very Mild dish for all grand occasions.

Bhoona – medium *
A dry style curry cooked with finely Chopped Onions & Tomatoes.

Balti – medium *
The Midlands pride that needs no introduction but can’t be left out! Let us know if you want any additional vegetables.

Rogon Josh – medium *
Cooked in a special blend of Spices with Garlic. Almost dry with a Cubed Tomato topping.

Sagwala – medium *
Sautéed Spinach, blended with Light Spice and Garlic.

Roshunwala – medium *
Our old favourite, a dish for the health conscious diner. Fresh Garlic and Coriander based Medium Curry.

Korahi – medium / spicy *
Perfectly balanced, moderately spiced with Green Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes & Lemon Juice. A good dish for lovers of medium flavoured food.

Dhansak- hot, sweet & sour *
A hot, Sweet & Sour dish cooked with Lentils, Chilli & Lemon.

Jalfrezi – hot *
A mixture of lightly stir-fried Onions and Peppers with cut Green Chillies and Coriander. A dryer style of a dish.

Razeala – hot *
A Spicy dish cooked with Fresh Yoghurt, Hot Chillies and Cubed Potatoes.

Naga Marchi Mossalla – extremely hot *
A fiery hot Bangladeshi Chilli is used to give this dish the ultimate rush, a non-negotiator, “a curry with no mercy”.

* The above dishes are available in these variations below: 

Shrimps / Chicken £6.95
Lamb £7.25
Bangladeshi Tiger Prawns £10.75
Duck or King Prawns £8.50
Mixed Vegetables £5.95
Sea Food Mix – Scallops, liger Prawns, King Prawns & Shrimps£11.95
Pundits Mix – Chicken Tikka, Lamb & Tiger Prawns £10.45


Nuvarathan Subzi – mixed vegetables  £3.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)
A mixture of Medium Spiced Vegetables cooked Dry or in Sauce.

Begun Bartha – aubergines (hot)  £3.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)
Aubergines & Onions skewered in the Tandoori peeled, stir-fried with Green Chillies, Garlic, Coriander and a pinch of Salt.

Pad Pak Korn – Chilli Spinach  £3.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)
Stir-fried Spinach with Roast Garlic & Fresh Chilli and Soy Sauce.

Tarka Dai – lentils & garlic  £3.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Sag Bhajee – spinach  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Aloo Bhajee – bombay potatoes  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Fulkabi Bhajee – cauliflower  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Deresh Bhajee  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Sothrakh Bhajee – mushrooms  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Chot Poti Bhoona – cheak peas  £2.95 (side) / £5.95 (main)

Aloo Begun – potato & aubergine  £3.70 (side) / £6.25 (main)

Sag A loo – spinach & potato  £3.70 (side) / £6.25 (main)

Sag Paneer – spinach & cheese  £3.70 (side) / £6.25 (main)

Sag Chana – spinach & chick peas  £3.70 (side) / £6.25 (main)

Sag Sothrakh – spinach & mushrooms  £3.70 (side) / £6.25 (main)

Raitha – cucumber or onion  £3.70 (side)

Steamed Rice   £2.25

Pilou Rice  £2.25

Fried Onion Rice  £2.95

Lemon Fried Rice  £2.95

Egg Fried Rice  £2.95

Egg and Peas Pilou Rice  £2.95

Keema Pilou Rice  £2.95

Mushroom Pilou Rice  £2.95

Sweet Corn Fried Rice  £2.95

Vegetable Fried Rice  £2.95

Chapatti  £2.95

Plain Nan  £1.95

Garlic Nan  £2.25

Coriander Nan  £2.25

Chili Nan  £2.25

Cheese Nan  £2.25

Vegetable Nan  £2.25

Peshwari Nan  £2.25

Keema Nan  £2.75

Mixed Nan – select your own filling  £2.95

French Fries  £2.25

Some of our menu items contain allergens, including: Cereals containing gluten, peanut or other nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soya, celery, mustard, sesame and lupin.


Although we take every effort to de-bone our fish, some small bones may still occur.